No Win No Fee

No Win No Fee

Everingham Lawyers provides their Personal Injury services on a no win no fee basis.  No win no fees provides a means for people to seek legal recourse who otherwise would not be able to financially.  


How No Win No Fee works?

No Win No Fee means that you will not be charged anything until your matter is won.   There are no upfront fees and we cover your disbursements such as expert medical opinions, doctors, etc until the conclusion of your matter.  


How do we calculate the fees charged to you?

Prior to settling your matter we will calculate our account which will include our professional fees and any disbursements.   Disbursements include photocopying, phone calls, faxes, postage, barristers, and other expenses incurred on your behalf. 

Prior to commencing an action with us you will be given a comprehensive Costs Agreement which outlines all the aspects of your bill and handling of your matter.   You will then have five (5) day cooling off period should you change your mind.

Contact Susan Lewis of our office on (07) 5495 8888 to discuss the no win no fee arrangement in detail.


What can I claim?

What you can claim involves a number of factors and depends on your injuries, loss of earnings, out of pocket expenses and what your future holds.   Once we have all the information at hand Susan Lewis will be able to give you an estimate of your likely claim amount.